Direct Pay Online is Africa’s leading secure online payments brand, transacting more than US$1.5billion in payments annually.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, DPO currently operates in eight African countries, and is about to expand to ten more.The Company’s vision is to provide One Payment Platform for Africa. As part of this drive, DPO is conducting a culture transformation programme to ensure that staff deliver one standard of Customer Experience wherever the brand operates. 

DPO is using Compaso to ensure that new staff members – recruited for attitude – are made effective employees within their first 30 days with the Company. Their bespoke on-boarding programme is called Take Off and features five modules to equip newbies with the skills they need to be productive. Culture, Clarity of role, Compliance and Connections are covered in detail. And a module of five tasks is devoted to the key features of the technological platform that powers the business.


Nearly thirty staff have enjoyed taking part in creating introductory films for the Do and Learn tasks in this bespoke on-boarding programme. New employees will therefore ‘meet’ colleagues in key positions, talking about ‘the way we do things at DPO’.  The intention is to onboard 200 new employees in the first year of the programme’s life.