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Direct Pay Online is Africa’s leading secure online payments brand, transacting more than US$1.5billion in payments annually. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, DPO currently operates in eight African countries, and is about to expand to ten more.The Company’s vision is to provide One Payment Platform for Africa. As part of this drive, DPO is conducting a…

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Compaso enhances learning at AXA

For AXA, which is ranked as the largest global insurance company, Compaso has been used as the digital platform for a recent senior marketing programme. Appropriately this programme focused on ‘Marketing in the Digital Age’ Participants logged into the platform before, during and after the course to enhance their learning and share their experiences. Compaso…

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Why most learning programmes fail – Reason #3 “The train has already left”

The traditional approaches to training skills analysis or competencies assessments should have been buried alive. Indeed, the titles sound so boring and dry that they should have already been strangled at birth. The classic time to look at these assessments is during annual appraisals or corporate restructures,  but that process is slow, slow, slow. Recently, I heard a…

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