Boost your team’s performance<br/> with Learning at the Speed of Change
Boost your team’s performance
with Learning at the Speed of Change
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We all learn faster by doing.
We all learn faster by doing. Compaso in Action
Compaso turns learning into practical actions which encourage interactivity
Compaso turns learning into practical actions which encourage interactivity Features
- so everyone benefits from the experience.
- so everyone benefits from the experience. Contact us

Why Compaso?

Organisations must constantly develop to meet customer needs and remain competitive. Compaso makes that happen because it’s based on a fundamental truth: that we all learn faster by doing. 

So how is Compaso different?

  • Compaso prompts real-time, do-able actions, encouraging people to reflect and then share their insights with others so everyone can learn from the experience.
  • It drives change by altering people’s habits and helping them adopt new ones, with sharing facilities that extend beyond internal communities, through links that keep people up to speed with all the latest thinking and materials.
  • Compaso is extremely practical and can be deployed within days, rather than weeks. It can quickly be tailored to reflect your brand identity and colour scheme.
  • And because it’s so different from other learning programmes, Compaso is rapidly building up a track record of helping organisations to build their people skills at the speed of change.



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Feature Highlights


Compaso facilitates the creation of practical learning “to-do’s” with a personal video introduction to each task and time limits with our “on the clock” facility.


Learners are encouraged to share their personal learning reflections upon the completion of each task, with group participation via topic-related discussion forums.


Compaso provides the opportunity to explore the subject matter in more detail, with content provided by the tutor, from the web, or shared by learners.


Compaso enables social learning and group engagement, through the creation of personal profiles, connections and shared content and reflections.

Compaso in Action

Compaso is offered as a secure platform that sits in the cloud. It’s highly customizable, providing administrators with full control over content and user access. We offer tried-and-tested content developed by our own learning experts, or you can develop and upload your own material. Or a combination of both.


Multiple learning programmes can be hosted on a single platform and course material can typically be set up within days. Being web-based, there is full control over the depth of content presented, with the ability to invite new participants and refine course material in real-time.

Executive Education

“My experience with our Take Off onboarding programme was eye opening. In my role as the Talent and HR Manager, I never thought that there was still so much that I could learn about our organisation. Selfishly, I had planned to quickly run through the programme and had even estimated that it would take me a about 2 hours – seeing as I was not a “new” employee and already knew “so much” about the company.

I knew what our Mission and Vision were…but listening to the Chairman and Group CEO took them to another level. They explained them in away that I can resonate with. A unified solution regardless of differences in payment type, region etc means WE make a difference to the economy of Africa. WE give buyers and sellers are a secure platform to do business on.”

Corporate e-Learning

Hear how MD Anderson Cancer Centre, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, has created Learning at the Speed of Change across its 27,000 staff.

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