How many people can honestly say that they had the perfect induction when they joined their organisation?   How many HR managers have a nagging doubt that their induction programmes could be better?

The statistics speak for themselves.  Around 80% of new recruits decide within the first six months whether they want to stay with the organisation or not.  And the quality of their induction process has a major influence on the Yes or No vote.  If it’s No, then hiring someone else means two consecutive hits on the recruitment budget.

It’s also well known that most new employees take as much as six months before they add significant value to the organisation.  Effective inductions can reduce that time. There are money implications here too.

What’s the solution?  It’s certainly not just a matter of rejigging all those PowerPoint induction presentations.  It goes deeper than that.  To use an American term, it’s known as the Four C’s of On-Boarding.

The Four C’s were coined by Talya N Bauer, a Professor at Portland State University, who specialises in recruitment and new hire on-boarding.   Looking at each of them:

  • Compliance is about first day basics.  The tools to do the job such as passes and passwords, computers and contact lists.
  • Clarification is about making goals clear.  What are the ambitions of the overall organisation?  What’s the brand promise?  Who are the key customers? What’s the role of each employee in the fulfilment of those ambitions and promises?
  • Culture means understanding ‘how we do things around here’
  • Connection involves understanding the information networks and support mechanism needed to get things done.  More importantly, what are the key relationships that need to be generated?

All of this is very worthy, but there needs to be a fifth C.  And that’s Creativity.

Encouraging interactivity in creative ways is key to inspiring new employees and getting them up to speed  quickly.  Early enthusiasm needs to be captured and there are now effective online ways to tap into that.  The Compaso support tool enables this,  based on its ‘Do, Learn and Share’ approach.

Getting the induction process right reaps immediate rewards.  According to a recent Aberdeen Group report, the top 20% of companies in terms of on-boarding practices achieved 91% first year retention and 62% achievement of employees’ first year goals. The equivalent figures for the bottom 30% of organisations was only 30% retention and 17% goal completion.

These are the facts and figures that simply can’t be ignored. They highlight  the difference between induction programmes that creatively inspire staff, or the opposite: uninspiring ‘outductions’.