A new client of ours who was briefing us on a learning programme came up with a great line:

I don’t need a sledgehammer to crack this nut”

Over the years, he’d seen too many proposals for learning programmes that could best be described as over-engineered.

Those training courses covered too much content for the task in hand.  Looking at a basic example of this, if someone wants to build their skills in Excel, they don’t need know all the ins and outs of the Microsoft suite. This principle applies to all forms of learning and development – from leadership skills to customer-focused programmes for frontline staff.

This may be a contentious matter for those who read lots of business books.  There’s usually only one big idea in them.  That’s fine, but there’s often a lot of peripheral stuff around it that you need to wade through.  When the author is kind enough to provide a neat summary of key points at the end of each chapter, that’s all you need to read.  Job done.

It’s exactly the same with learning.  If participants get lost in the minutiae, they lose sight of the key take-outs. And it’s best to cover these in bite size chunks.

If that’s not the case, then no wonder average retention levels from courses tends to be around 30% after just a few weeks.  The impact simply becomes quickly lost over time.

There’s a simple answer to this problem: to help people learn on the go, in small, relevant, bite-sized chunks – instead of having to attend a lengthy course.  Compaso is a platform which enables that.

There’s nothing over-engineered about it.  Piece by piece, day by day, a series of ‘to do’s are prompted by 15 second videos. These encourage participants in the programme to start doing things differently.  The experience of that then helps them to think differently so that newly acquired skills become part of their DNA.

Compaso also encourages interactive sharing with other participants, which means that everyone can collectively learn from the experience. So learning communities become part of the mix as well.

All told, Compaso is a sleek, fast and well engineered way of helping people ‘learn at the speed of change’.