The Compaso team are delighted to announce the launch of boostr, a new account management skills tool that builds on a proven approach: that we all learn more effectively by doing.

boostr has been designed specifically for the agency and digital world – boosting performance by getting account managers and other client-facing staff up to speed with ‘business driving’ habits.

Over the 8-week programme, your team will discover fresh day-to-day habits around topics such as:

  • Thinking commercially and making money
  • Understanding your client’s business
  • Getting closer to clients and the agency team
  • Presenting to win

boostr is not an A to Z of Account Management, nor does it “prescribe” techniques or approaches that may be difficult to keep going after the programme. It’s a highly engaging set of practical actions that focus on building and sharing what works in your agency, so the whole team’s performance improves.

boostr screen shot

The programme is built around tried and tested best practice habits by a team with experience in a number of agencies, both big and small.  It brings together the keystone habits of high performing account managers.

These habits are set out in the boostr programme as a series of “To Dos”. By completing each, staff will be practicing a behaviour that makes a real difference to performance. Like learning to drive, the more these behaviours are practised, the more instinctive they will become… and the results will follow, both at a personal and at an agency level.

But don’t just take our word for it – see what clients are saying about how boostr engages staff and improves performance:

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