Most of us enjoy the excitement of new experiences.  Whether it’s a new relationship, new job or new home. But all too often that initial excitement trails off.  The novelty appeal goes and something that was brand new is now just part of everyday life.

That’s what tends to happen with training programmes.  They can and should be exciting.  They’re an opportunity to explore new horizons, stretch yourself and mix with different people.

But afterwards, back in the workplace, retention levels tend to drop.  Data from The Research Institute of America indicates, in very precise terms, that only 33 minutes after a typical training seminar, 42% of material is ‘lost’.

And it gets worse.  After two days only 33% is retained. Then after three weeks it’s only 20%

Imagine if everything you did in life was only one fifth as effective as it should be?

Apart from other issues such as lack of effectiveness, for training budget holders, all this doesn’t seem like good value for money.  And for trainers themselves, once a training session is completed, it’s disheartening to feel that they’ve had such little long-term impact.

But there is an answer to all this.  And, believe it or not, it goes back as far as times when the word ‘training’ wasn’t even in use!  Aristotle once said “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them“.

So, when the trainer’s departed, ‘learning by doing’ needs to take over.  What’s been ‘learnt’ will only start to stick when it’s put into practice.

The Compaso platform enables this through a series of ‘To Dos”.  Introduced via simple video clips, participants are encouraged to perform a series of tailor made tasks that are directly related to a training programme’s content; whether a ‘classroom’ course or a conventional eLearning programme.

These are not to be confused with ‘To Do’ lists which are usually circulated at the end of training sessions, often with ‘personal commitments’ being made to them as well.  The Compaso ‘To Dos’ comprise of single major actions that can be integrated into the working day – based on the principle that less is more.

Once completed, participants can then share their learning experiences with others so that everyone learns collaboratively as well.

With Compaso, the ‘head of steam’  built up by the trainer need never be lost.