For this year’s round the world Clipper Yacht Race, Compaso’s platform will become an essential aid for each skipper when leading their crews.

Mission Performance, who are sponsors of the race for the second time around, are using Compaso to develop the soft skills that each skipper will need to perform at their best.

The race starts at the end of August and, at each port of call up until July 2016, fresh content will be uploaded, according to how the race is going. A key feature of Compaso is that content can be updated in seconds.

The Clipper Race is the only one of its kind that enables up to 800 amateur sailors to compete on different legs around the world. This means that it’s essential that the yacht skippers are able to manage their constantly changing crews effectively.

They say that performance in sport is 90% to do with having the right ‘mindset’. Mission Performance’s programme will be enabling this through Compaso’s unique ‘Do & Learn’ approach.