An account management skills tool that builds on a proven approach: that people learn more effectively by doing.

Compaso boostr has been designed specifically for the agency and digital world – boosting performance by getting account managers up to speed with ‘business driving’ habits

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boostr encourages fresh day-to-day ‘habits’ so your client-facing staff become more commercially aware and build strong client relationships.

What you will learn

  • Thinking commercially and making money
  • Understanding your client’s businesses
  • Getting closer to clients and the agency team
  • Presenting to win

So how is boostr different?

  • It’s not an A to Z of Account Management, nor a set of “prescribed” techniques that may be difficult to keep going after the programme.
  • It adds an extra inspirational dimension to training you may have covered already.
  • The focus is on building and sharing what works in your agency so the whole team’s performance improves.

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