Compaso in Action

Compaso is offered as a secure platform that sits in the cloud. It’s highly customizable, providing administrators with full control over content and user access. We offer tried-and-tested content developed by our own learning experts, or you can develop and upload your own material. Or a combination of both.


Multiple learning programmes can be hosted on a single platform and course material can typically be set up within days. Being web-based, there is full control over the depth of content presented, with the ability to invite new participants and refine course material in real-time.

Executive Education

“My experience with our Take Off onboarding programme was eye opening. In my role as the Talent and HR Manager, I never thought that there was still so much that I could learn about our organisation. Selfishly, I had planned to quickly run through the programme and had even estimated that it would take me a about 2 hours – seeing as I was not a “new” employee and already knew “so much” about the company.

I knew what our Mission and Vision were…but listening to the Chairman and Group CEO took them to another level. They explained them in away that I can resonate with. A unified solution regardless of differences in payment type, region etc means WE make a difference to the economy of Africa. WE give buyers and sellers are a secure platform to do business on.”

Corporate e-Learning

Hear how MD Anderson Cancer Centre, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies, has created Learning at the Speed of Change across its 27,000 staff.