Why Compaso?

Organisations must constantly develop to meet customer needs and remain competitive. Compaso makes that happen because it’s based on a fundamental truth: that we all learn faster by doing. 

So how is Compaso different?

  • Compaso prompts real-time, do-able actions, encouraging people to reflect and then share their insights with others so everyone can learn from the experience.
  • It drives change by altering people’s habits and helping them adopt new ones, with sharing facilities that extend beyond internal communities, through links that keep people up to speed with all the latest thinking and materials.
  • Compaso is extremely practical and can be deployed within days, rather than weeks. It can quickly be tailored to reflect your brand identity and colour scheme.
  • And because it’s so different from other learning programmes, Compaso is rapidly building up a track record of helping organisations to build their people skills at the speed of change.



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